Comic 35: Blind Belief

The NYT reports that fatherhood lowers testosterone. The scientists in this article argue that this is actually as it should be; when we have children, nature acts to make us less aggressive and therefore, better fathers.

When I was applying Rogaine Foam to my scalp this morning, this article came to mind. So I rubbed my scalp more furiously than ever, hoping to protect my little plot of land from further degradation.

Because shit, I’m already a father three times over.

– Sandeep

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Episode 13: C-Heads (guest starring Sunny Leone)

I’m currently in El Salvador, on a trip through Central America to scope a mobile app for a client.   At least that’s what’s happening in real life.  In my head, ever since I left my family  at 4am to make it to the airport, I’ve been on a secret mission to do business with (and perhaps assassinate) a drug lord and his capos.

In my head, my suitcase is full of money, and I have a handgun in my laptop bag.  I put an odorless, flavorless poison into a really expensive bottle of tequila, and if business goes sour, I might use it to “celebrate” with some dudes I don’t want around anymore.  I swagger up to the customs lady and offer only a blank stare, so as not to let on about the fantasy objects that I’m not really carrying.

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